Camp Cadet is a one (1) week law enforcement academy experience. It will be held August 2-7, 2020. Students 12-15 years of age, both male and female from Luzerne, Wyoming, Bradford, and Sullivan Counties can apply to Troop P Camp Cadet. If you live in another county, contact the state police in your area. Camp Cadet develops team skills, character and moral awareness, a better understanding of the role of law enforcement, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self-respect. The camp is very physical with daily runs and workouts. The camp is free of charge to those selected to attend. It is hosted by the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop P Wyoming (Please see the last paragraph)



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County of Residence (County not Country) _________________ Age______ Birth Date______________


School District____________________________ School_______________________ Grade________


Home phone number_____________________ T-Shirt Size (adult sizes) S M L XL (circle one)


Parents Email __________________________________


Name and phone numbers of Parent(s) or Guardian(s)_______________________________________


Have you ever attended or applied for Camp Cadet before? Yes__ No__ If yes, what year? _______


Why do you want to attend CAMP CADET? (Print your answer on the back of the application no more than 100 words. DO NOT submit a separate sheet. Ensure it is printed not typed. I want the child to write the essay not the parent)

Mail this application form, before March 31, 2020 to:


475 Wyoming Ave

Wyoming PA 18644

**You will receive a response to your application by US Mail in Late MAY 2020**

Camp Cadet is NOT a discipline camp for troubled children! It is intended for children with an interest in Law Enforcement who want to attend! For more information visit: or on Facebook/Troop P Camp Cadet